Color Picker

Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio IDE.

Click here to download Color Picker extension for Visual Studio from Visual Studio Gallery.

Note: please show your support by giving a quick review in vsgallery . It only takes a few seconds.

This tool will very useful if you are working as a Web Developer or UI designer, who mainly uses Visual Studio for the day to day assignments.

This tool offers the below options,

  • Highlight colors in Visual Studio Document Editor (.css”, “.scss”, “.less”, “.asp”, “.aspx”, “.htm”, “.html”, “.cshtml”, “.vbhtml”, “.xaml” are enabled by default), Additional Parsing, Customize using Tools-Options-ColorPicker.
  • Edit color using double click from any enabled file (editor).
  • Insert colors to any active text document
  • Color Selection from Color Canvas.
  • Color Selection from Available Colors.
  • Color Selection from Standard Colors.
  • Color Selection from Saved Colors.
  • Color Selection using Eyedropper.
  • Copy\Paste Color codes (Name, #HEX, rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla, hsb\hsv, cmyk). rgb and rgba are offered in different formats.
  • Selected color’s Tints & Shades.
  • Color code comparison of Orginal and New.

Currently this tool works with below Visual Studio versions (Visual Studio Theme supported),,

  • Visual Studio 2012.
  • Visual Studio 2013.
  • Visual Studio 2015.
  • Visual Studio 2017.

Color Picker can be accessed via Tools->Color Picker (will open a  Dockable Window).


Tools->Color Picker


Tools-Options-Color Picker




Color Picker in Editor


I have uploaded the initial source code in CodeProject. Please share your suggestions and feedback.

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