A’ Mouse Potato’ blows own trumpet…….

I hope this self-assessment will serve as a window on the brighter-side of my personality and throw some light on my line of thinking.


A Tech-savvy Netizen with honesty as middle-name but never like being branded as a’ Mouse Potato’.
Always prefer to keep a low profile,never playing to the gallery.
A workaholic ,always on first-name-terms-with bosses..
A strike-breaker who loves to blaze a trail….never shilly-shallies and believes that something is better than nothing..
Dares to tread the less-trodden path and never leaves anything to chance…


1. Hammer-out out of the box solutions to everyday applications.
2.Wanna play the royal game(chess) with super computers(Deep Blue,etc).


I wish there were more than 24 hrs in a day as i strongly believe that there is still much more to do ,to make the world a better place to live in…..


Hold many a year’s exciting experience with MS Technology.


Hope this will keep up your interest in me and you will be curious to know more about me….

Yours Truly…


vs_icon_50x43 cpmvp

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