Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt (devCmd)

This simple extension helps you to easily open a Visual Studio Developer Commad Prompt from Visual Studio IDE. If Solution Explorer is open then the command prompt path will be selected solution item path. Using this extension you can directly execute commands from Visual Studio IDE with the help of VIsual Studio Developer Command Prompt Toolbar.

Click here to download this plugin from Visual Studio Gallery.

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Solution Explorer

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Change log

Version 1.0

  • Initial Version

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20 thoughts on “Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt (devCmd)

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    • Have you installed using extension manager? Can you uninstall once and then download the extension directly from gallery and install. If still problem persits then please share more details like OS, VS Version.

  2. Same problem. E_INVALID_ARG. Windows 10, VS 2015 Community, ASP Net 5 project.

    Works on non-ASP Net 5 projects so this is probably the cause.

    .dll is not blocked. Uninstalled and reinstalled via VS (x2) and directly downloaded from Gallery (x1).

    Problem persists in the ASP Net 5 project.

    Uninstalled and used an alternative extension.

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  4. I had to start VS 17 as ‘admin’, without that I kept getting this error. The “Temporary ASP.NET Files” folder didn’t exist on my system anywhere.

  5. I am getting an E_INVALID_ARG. Windows 10 error in Visual studio 2019

    I tried deleting the temp values, running in admin, and installing from gallery but still does not work.

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