Color Picker

Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio IDE.

Click here to download Color Picker extension for Visual Studio from Visual Studio Gallery.

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This tool will very useful if you are working as a Web Developer or UI designer, who mainly uses Visual Studio for the day to day assignments.

This tool offers the below options,

  • Color Selection from Color Canvas.
  • Color Selection from Available Colors.
  • Color Selection from Standard Colors.
  • Color Selection from Saved Colors.
  • Color Selection using Eyedropper.
  • Copy\Paste Color codes (Name, Hex, #Hex, RGBA, ARGB, HSL, HSB\HSV and CMYK).
  • Color Tints & Shades.

Currently this tool works with below Visual Studio versions,

  • Visual Studio 2010.
  • Visual Studio 2012.
  • Visual Studio 2013.
  • Visual Studio 2015.

Color Picker can be accessed via Tools->Color Picker.

Visual Studio Color Picker

Tools->Color Picker

Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio IDE

I have uploaded the initial source code in CodeProject. Please share your suggestions and feedback.

34 thoughts on “Color Picker

  1. Hi,

    my first impressions:

    1. I miss – since I used this in the past a lot of more often – a switch to use a HSL color specification.
    2. The RGB spinboxes vary in the width depending on the count of digits to be displayed! But this non-fixed width of the spinboxes changes the total width “Color Canvas” UI element dynamically.
    3. In C++ I often have to use the RGB macro, but placing the cursor inside this macro, selecting the macro, or selecting the 3 integer values does not pre-fill the color picker while opening it. I can’t even paste the values into an edit field to let the color picker switch to this RGB color values.
    4. I only can copy a HTML/CSS related hexadecimal formatted number as string, but I cannot copy a list of three integer values, separated by commas, a preprocessed template like “RGB(%r, %g, %b)”, or the result of an RGB macro evaluation, the DWORD value containing the RGB+Alpha value.

    Any chance to get not only cosmetical, but functional updates integrating the color picker better in the editor?

    Best regards,


    • It is already there.
      Available Colors and Standard Colors are there in the color picker combo box. I will be changing it to a list box (in next version).

      Please rate this in visual studio gallery. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for all the changes!

    The only and last thought is … I want to start the color picker from my C++ source code!😉
    If I want to insert a COLOREF or want to change a COLOREF, I’d really like to use your color picker from the source code editor to get the new or change COLOREF as easy as possible back!

    But this is … complaining on a high level …😉

    So – what’s about a next enhancement? A color wheel with strategies to find matching colors, to fill color palettes … eventually with automatic C++ Win32 source code generation?
    No, no, just joking!

    Your color picker is wonderful!

    Best regards,


  3. Hello sheemer, first of all thank you for a nice plugin, unfortunately I can’t be install it for VS Express 2013 for Desktop, does your installer support Express versions of VS? How can i make it work with the express version? I would be glad if you help, thanks in advance.

  4. Amazing utility, you are the best!!! Extremely useful for lightening / darkening an existing colors, so the existing color palette can be maintained, but items can be emphasized or not on the screen.

  5. Just now I wanted to use your Color Picker in a way it doesn’t support (yet)!😦

    I have a color and I want to know if there is a name for this color.
    And if there is no named color for the given RGB values, I wanted to know, which colors are near to it.
    Or otherwise I wanted to filter all color names using a name fragment to look for a good matching color.

    But nothing of these use cases are currently supported?:/

    Any chance for enhancments like this?

    PS: And … still often wishing to find in your color picker … the HSV or HSL values!

  6. Hi,
    Sincerely I have now, after needing to switch to high-contrast-theming and to 150% zoom (control/Display or Appearance), problems with the color picker:

    Some the group labels are or checkbox label is missing and the window background does not use the high-contrast-theme window background color (GetSysColor(COLOR_WINDOW)).
    I think, that changing the window background color will make the group labels/checkbox label reappear!

    Another thing I realized … the state of the checkbox to include or not to include the alpha value is not persistent, is it?

    Could you plese take a look at the color picker or at your applications/extensions taking care for accessiblity/barrier free usage?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Best regards,


  7. my only complaint is that the dialog box is shown modally so I cant have the dialog up while coding in the IDE. its a nice utility but it would be nice to be able to have it available as a non modal dialog that way I can use it as a reference when coding.

  8. I found the standalone version thanks. Could you update it to include the extra color code conversions and the Tints & Shades tab as per the VS version? Thanks!

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