Color Picker

Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio IDE.

Click here to download Color Picker extension for Visual Studio from Visual Studio Gallery.

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This tool will very useful if you are working as a Web Developer or UI designer, who mainly uses Visual Studio for the day to day assignments.

This tool offers the below options,

  • Color Selection from Color Canvas.
  • Color Selection from Available Colors.
  • Color Selection from Standard Colors.
  • Color Selection from Saved Colors.
  • Color Selection using Eyedropper.
  • Copy\Paste Color codes (Name, Hex, #Hex, RGBA, ARGB, HSL, HSB\HSV and CMYK).
  • Color Tints & Shades.

Currently this tool works with below Visual Studio versions,

  • Visual Studio 2010.
  • Visual Studio 2012.
  • Visual Studio 2013.
  • Visual Studio 2015.

Color Picker can be accessed via Tools->Color Picker.

Visual Studio Color Picker

Tools->Color Picker

Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio IDE

I have uploaded the initial source code in CodeProject. Please share your suggestions and feedback.

35 thoughts on “Color Picker

  1. Hi,

    my first impressions:

    1. I miss – since I used this in the past a lot of more often – a switch to use a HSL color specification.
    2. The RGB spinboxes vary in the width depending on the count of digits to be displayed! But this non-fixed width of the spinboxes changes the total width “Color Canvas” UI element dynamically.
    3. In C++ I often have to use the RGB macro, but placing the cursor inside this macro, selecting the macro, or selecting the 3 integer values does not pre-fill the color picker while opening it. I can’t even paste the values into an edit field to let the color picker switch to this RGB color values.
    4. I only can copy a HTML/CSS related hexadecimal formatted number as string, but I cannot copy a list of three integer values, separated by commas, a preprocessed template like “RGB(%r, %g, %b)”, or the result of an RGB macro evaluation, the DWORD value containing the RGB+Alpha value.

    Any chance to get not only cosmetical, but functional updates integrating the color picker better in the editor?

    Best regards,


    • It is already there.
      Available Colors and Standard Colors are there in the color picker combo box. I will be changing it to a list box (in next version).

      Please rate this in visual studio gallery. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for all the changes!

    The only and last thought is … I want to start the color picker from my C++ source code!😉
    If I want to insert a COLOREF or want to change a COLOREF, I’d really like to use your color picker from the source code editor to get the new or change COLOREF as easy as possible back!

    But this is … complaining on a high level …😉

    So – what’s about a next enhancement? A color wheel with strategies to find matching colors, to fill color palettes … eventually with automatic C++ Win32 source code generation?
    No, no, just joking!

    Your color picker is wonderful!

    Best regards,


  3. Hello sheemer, first of all thank you for a nice plugin, unfortunately I can’t be install it for VS Express 2013 for Desktop, does your installer support Express versions of VS? How can i make it work with the express version? I would be glad if you help, thanks in advance.

  4. Amazing utility, you are the best!!! Extremely useful for lightening / darkening an existing colors, so the existing color palette can be maintained, but items can be emphasized or not on the screen.

  5. Just now I wanted to use your Color Picker in a way it doesn’t support (yet)!😦

    I have a color and I want to know if there is a name for this color.
    And if there is no named color for the given RGB values, I wanted to know, which colors are near to it.
    Or otherwise I wanted to filter all color names using a name fragment to look for a good matching color.

    But nothing of these use cases are currently supported?:/

    Any chance for enhancments like this?

    PS: And … still often wishing to find in your color picker … the HSV or HSL values!

  6. Hi,
    Sincerely I have now, after needing to switch to high-contrast-theming and to 150% zoom (control/Display or Appearance), problems with the color picker:

    Some the group labels are or checkbox label is missing and the window background does not use the high-contrast-theme window background color (GetSysColor(COLOR_WINDOW)).
    I think, that changing the window background color will make the group labels/checkbox label reappear!

    Another thing I realized … the state of the checkbox to include or not to include the alpha value is not persistent, is it?

    Could you plese take a look at the color picker or at your applications/extensions taking care for accessiblity/barrier free usage?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Best regards,


  7. my only complaint is that the dialog box is shown modally so I cant have the dialog up while coding in the IDE. its a nice utility but it would be nice to be able to have it available as a non modal dialog that way I can use it as a reference when coding.

  8. I found the standalone version thanks. Could you update it to include the extra color code conversions and the Tints & Shades tab as per the VS version? Thanks!

  9. Hi, the color-picker plugin is relay good and helpful. Great work!
    It would be great, if your Plugin can also support the Visual Studio 2013 Dark Theme. (You can change the theme in the settings) There are some compatibly problems.

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