WebSearch2 released with many updates

WebSearch2 released with many updates

Hello, WebSearch2 is released with Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015 support, by this release old version of WebSearch is no more supported in Visual Studio 2012 and above. Have considered many of your suggestions in this version, Hope you will like this updated version.

IconWeb Search2 is the updated version of Web Search.Web Search Features

  • Code or Comment Web Search from any Visual Studio Text Editor
  • Set Deafult Search Provider based on File Extension
  • Error List Assistant
  • Reference related Web¬†Search from Solution Explorer Reference List
  • Search Anything using Web Search Toolbar
  • Web Search using Default Search, Custom Search, any Pre-configured Search
  • Open Search in Default Web Browser or Visual Studio
  • Shortcut key to execute
  • Supports Visual Studio 2012 and above.

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File Path On Footer 1.4.7 released

Hello, File Path On Footer 1.4.7 released, Please update.

Using this plugin you can,

  • File name always on bottom of editor.
  • Open Containing Folder using Ctrl+Click.
  • Copy Full Path using Right Click.
  • Copy Partial Path using text selection.
  • Use Alt + Click to force Theme updation.
  • Standard Visual Studio themes are supported.
  • Environment Font settings are also supported.
  • HighContrast Supported

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