Web Search is now updated to show Quick Search Box

QuickSearchWeb Search is now updated to show Quick Search Box in Visuak Sudio IDE.

and also updated to list asp.net (suggested by Jon Galloway) and pluralsight in the default search list.

Using this Quick Search Box you can easily start searching for anything, from the listed WebSites (including custom). This Quick Search will help those who are frequently searched somthing.

Click here to read or download

The below screen shows the configuration screen of Web Search.

Web Search Config Option

Below screen is how the Web Search plugin looks like,

Search from Visual Studio IDE

WebSearch plugin is now available for Visual Studio 2013

Hello, I just released WebSearch plugin for Visual Studio 2013.

Search from Visual Studio IDE

Web Search plugin supports below options, Read more from WebSearch page

  • Multiple search options included in all Text Editor, Reference Items, Error List. (Integrated search options for Visual Studio IDE)
  • Currently this Add-in works fine with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012.
  • You can customize web-search by configure option.
  • Open Search in Default Web Browser or Visual Studio Tab or any other installed browser.
  • Change WebSearch context menu position
  • Easy access with Shortcut key. I use Alt+F1.
  • WebSearch context menu availabe in all most all editor files.
  • WebSearch menu also availabe in Tools menu with default search option.
  • Configurable shortcut key.
  • WebSearch menu in Tools menu
  • WebSearch context menu in all Text Editor, Reference Items, Error List.