Desktop Color Picker

This tool will be very useful if you are working as a Web Developer or UI designer, who works with colors. This tool is a Desktop version of Color Picker (Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio IDE)

This tool offers the below options,

  • Color Selection from Color Canvas.
  • Color Selection from Available Colors.
  • Color Selection from Standard Colors.
  • Color Selection from Saved Colors.
  • Color Selection using Eyedropper.
  • Copy\Paste Color codes (Name, Hex, #Hex, RGBA and ARGB)

This tool  requires .NET Framework Client Profile (4 or above ) installed.

Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio IDE

Download : Instant Desktop Color Picker ( once downloaded right click ->properties then unblock,  change .pdf to .zip).


3 thoughts on “Desktop Color Picker

  1. Any change that in the future it will support normalized versions for colors? E.g. instead of showing 0 to 255 I could activate a toggle that would show 0f to 1f.

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