Web Search – Visual Studio Add-in

For Visual Studio 2012 and above use WebSearch2

Click here to download from Visual Studio Gallery.

Search (Google, Yahoo, MSDN, Code Project, Stack Overflow and more…) for the selected text/item. Supports most of the Visual Studio Versions.

Configure Web Search Plugin

Quick Search in Visual Studio IDE

Web Search Plugin in Tools Menu

  • Multiple search options included in all Text Editor, Reference Items, Error List. (Integrated search options for Visual Studio IDE)
  • Quick Search Box, that can be used to search anything.
  • Quick Search Box\Default Search can be called by shortcut key.
  • Currently this Add-in works fine with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010.
  • You can customize web-search by configure option.
  • Open Search in Default Web Browser or Visual Studio Tab or any other installed browser.
  • Change WebSearch context menu position
  • Easy access with Shortcut key. I use Alt+F1.
  • WebSearch context menu availabe in all most all editor files.
  • WebSearch menu also availabe in Tools menu with default search option.
  • Configurable shortcut key.
  • WebSearch menu in Tools menu
  • WebSearch context menu in all Text Editor, Reference Items, Error List.

Please share your suggestions and feedback. Thanks.

Some screenshots are given below,

Configure Screen,

If all search options are selected then the Web Search will look like,

You can modify the search options by,

Set the location of Web Search Context menu,

Where to open the search window,

Assign or remove shortcut key for default search,

Web Search in tools menu,

Default Web Search menu style,

Click here to download from Visual Studio Gallery.

The basic source code and other details are uploaded in codeproject.com.

 WebSearch on the Code Project

Troubleshooting Visual Studio Add-ins, Error Numbers and it’s possible solutions

23 thoughts on “WebSearch

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  2. HI Jon, Thanks for the suggestion, I will update the same and will post it in Visual Studio Gallery.
    Any other URLs can be added in the custom URL section.

    Do you have any other points that will make the WebSearch much more useful.

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  4. Hi Shemeer, searching for web search add-in’s for VS2013 I bumped into with yours. I must admit that it’s impressive and really useful. Anyway, when installed on my VS2013.4 I found some minor bugs:

    1) When editing any other file than code files (for example, .cshtml) Web Search doesn’t appear in the TOOLS menu neither in the context menú.

    2) When default setting modified, it doesn’t change shortcut key and says “Error getting Web Search Key” and shortcut Group in settings dialog appears as disabled.

    Also some improvements suggested:

    * In VS2012+ it would be great if the search result window were a “temporary” window when using Visual Studio as web search browser. In that way anyone could “forget” to close it if needed or promote the Window to a regular one if they want to.

    * A small toolbar for your precious add-in would be very much appreciated

    As I first said, a really useful add-in beside all that 🙂

  5. Well Done…I expect to be using this constantly. I noticed that when this is used on a 4K monitor setup the configure dialog is condensed with the text all overlapping making it unusable. Perhaps a resizable dialog would cure it. I use Visual 13 at 3840 x 2160. I can live with it but thought you would like to know. Thank you so much for something so useful.

  6. Can’t set short key in Visual studio 2013 update 4

    always show “Error:Shortkey is not valid, try selecting different keys”

  7. Hi Shemeerns,
    I just installed your plug-in in my visual studio 2003 community and none of the contextual menu work. Any idea ? thanks

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