TFS Assistant

TFS Assistant for Visual Studio supports following features (menus available in Pending Changes Window, Source Control Explorer, Solution Explorer)

  • Pending Changes Reports
  • Who All Checked-Out?
  • Show
  • Locate In
  • Copy

All the above menu options are self descriptive.

Below I’m giving some screenshots of  TFS Assistant in Action.

The first feature I would like to demonstrate is ‘who checked-out’ a file in TFS,

When you worked with TFS Source Control you must have came across on below situation ( Checked out by someone else or in another place),

I found this very annoying as it doesn’t say who checked out!!!, TFS Assistant is having an option to list out who all checked this files, just right click on the files and click on menu – ‘Who All Checked-Out?’ and click ‘All Selected Items’,

Once the menu is clicked TFS Assistant will come with a list of ‘Who All Checked-Out’.,

When you are working with a big team, you often required to sent an email regarding which files are changed, in that case we can use the pending changes report to generate the list of changed files,

Just after clicking the menu, the report will be shown in TFS Assistant Window.

TFS Assistant Visual Studio plugin by Shemeer NS

The above report shows only pending Checkins from you, if you want to get list of the pending checkins for other users with conditions like workspace, files, then you can use the menu option ‘Reports By…[User, Workspace, Files]’

TFS check-out report filtered by user name, workspace, files

Here I have given two file names and user name as the filter condition, and the report is generated accordingly,

if you dont want to generate report and just wanted to copy the pending changes then you can use the copy menu option,

Copy from Pending check-in window

the content is copied to the clipboard, and can be pasted anywhere just like below,

TFS Assistant offers History menu in Pending Changes Context menu, in-case if you want to generate report of History then you can go with ‘Show-History Report’ option,

History Report is generated for the selected items like below,

TFS Check-out report

This is all about TFS Assistant, Click here to download TFS Assistant for Visual Studio 2010, Please don’t forget to share your feedbacks.

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