File Path On Footer

Click here to download File Path On Footer extension from Visual Studio Gallery.

This lightweight extension lets you display the full path of the file at bottom of Visual Studio’s Editor. Click Ctrl+Clcik to Open Containing Folder, Right click to Copy Full Path.

This will be very helpful if you are working on files which is having similiar and or same name. Visual Studio IDE already shows the file path when you hover the mouse over the document tab but I like to see the file name always on bottom of editor. So we know where we are.

Using this plugin you can,

  • File name always on bottom of editor.
  • Open Containing Folder using Ctrl+Click
  • Copy Full Path using Right Click
  • Standard Visual Studio themes are supported.

Supported themes are,



Dark With Light Editor



Light With Dark Editor



Solarized (Dark)

Solarized (Light)


Note: Rarely theme change will be reflected only after restarting visual studio.

Don’t have aditional themes for Visual Studio, then get it from Visual Studio Gallery

Supports Environment Font settings

Tools->Options->Environment->Fonts and Colors->Environment Font

Sample screenshot with custom Environment Font setting

Intrested to see how to create an extension like this then read “Getting Started with Visual Studio Editor Margin Extension” from

Please share your suggestions and feedback.

33 thoughts on “File Path On Footer

  1. Good morning from Berlin/Germany!

    Sincerely “File Path On Footer” raised an exception yesterday trying to open the clipboard.
    After closing the exception I tried again, the desired file path came into the clipboard, but VS2013 crash and restarted.
    After the restart I couldn’t reproduce the problem.

    Any chance to catch such exceptions, like when raised while failing when trying to open the clipboard?

    Best regards,


  2. Hello from France!

    Congratulations for your extension, it’s very nice:)
    I just find a little bug when the extension is activate and you try to run a SQL Query in VS 2013 (don’t try in 2012).
    for me it’s a big problem so i have to desactivate your extension😦

    i hope you can correct it in a new version.

    Good luck!

      • Hello!

        Review done on VS Gallery:)

        It’s ok for SQL Query and i didn’t find another bug (for the moment😉 ).
        Just a little problem with my theme. I’m on a custom theme based on Dark editor, and the file path extension render like this :

        do you know the parameter to change to have it in correct dark? i didn’t find it in the color editor

    • I have fixed this issue in version 1.4.3 and also added support for custom environment font settings. Please update.

      Also please show your support by giving a quick review. It only takes a few seconds:)

    • Yes, download to update the extension works, but after the successful update, the VS extensions dialog does not mark the extension as updated and the “download” button is still working to download and to start the installation of the extension, which itself denies to install again.

    • Hello, I require some time to re-arrange the code for making it open source.
      I like the relative path idea, I can get the relative path option added in this plugin, can you tell me how you would like to configure the relative path?

  3. I am enjoying your extension. I am currently using it on VS 2015 and other then it always having a white background, it seems to work great. Is it possible to make it so it only shows on the bottom when I do a split screen? When I do a split, it shows it on the bottom of both parts and shows the same information.

  4. Since working with UI Zoom of 150% I have often the situation, that VS2013 places the current execution line – after hitting a breakpoint – right behind the file path.
    In consequence I have to scroll before I can see the current execution line.

    Before using the UI Zoom I didn’t have this “problem”.

    Could it be, that VS2013 does not know about this UI element, so it places the current execution line “behind” it?

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