Visual Studio “14” CTP now available

Some hours back , the Visual Studio “14” CTP was released. An early preview of the next version of Visual Studio. You can find the Visual Studio and .NET release announcements on Soma’s blog. You can find a complete list of new features in the Visual Studio “14” CTP knowledge base article.

This Visual Studio “14” CTP brings together several new technologies that we recently announced including:

  • The .NET Compiler Platform, also known as “Roslyn,” which includes the upcoming version of our managed compilers for C# and VB as well as an API that enables developers to integrate with the VS compiler and language service more easily than they can today. You can read more about the .NET Compiler Platform on the C# and VBteam blogs.
  • Updates to the Visual C++ Standard Library, added utility functions, manipulators, functions, and several bug fixes that will improve productivity. To learn more about all the changes visit the C++ team blog.
  • Tooling for ASP.NET vNext. ASP.NET vNext is a lean and composable .NET stack for building modern web applications for both cloud and on premises servers. For more information about ASP.NET vNext go to ASP.NET vNext website and check out the ASP.NET team blog.

CTPs provide early adopters with an opportunity to try out the new and improved product features, and the ability to share feedback with the product team.

Please report bugs using Connect and share your suggestions through Send-a-Smile from within the IDE or on our UserVoice site.

Note, Visual Studio side by side support is not available on this early build. Do not install this CTP on a machine with any other version of Visual Studio installed.