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17 thoughts on “Contact

  1. sir i have one employee form in which single form but how single form work for multiple purpose…if its possible you can solved my query

  2. i was encounter problem with your article,

    @html.actionlink(“Home”, “Index”, Home)
    @html.actionlink(“Phone Book”, “Index”, Phone Book)
    @html.actionlink(“About us”, “Index”, About us)
    @html.actionlink(“Contact us”, “Index”, Contact us)
    and so on. How do i add this to my PhoneBook so that it can appear on the browser .
    because i don’t understand how you add “” phone Book in _layout.cshtml

  3. Good Morning Sir , I read your article on code project related to C# access engine 12.0 redistrubutable , here you suggest to change config any cpu to x86 but in my system its already done , i am using office 2013 , and visual studio 2010

  4. Hi Shemeer,

    Love the File Path on Footer extension; this very neatly replaces the Navigation bar for me as I was only using it to see what file I was editiing. Is there any way to make this plugin available for Visual Studio 2019 (Preview)?

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