What is exactly One ASP.NET?

There was a common question from all the corners, as a .NET developer what  would be the project template  that you are going to use for your web application. The answer would simply WebForms if the question was raised prior to the introduction of ASP.NET MVC.

Since the release of the ASP.NET MVC Framework in 2009, the developers had a major choice to make when starting up a new project: Web Forms or MVC?

What if I want to use both? What if a third choice comes along like Web API, SignalR ?

Microsoft has finally brought these components all together, and the result is One ASP.NET.

ASP.NET MVC Web Forms Web API Signal R all together


One ASP.NET helps in Unified Dialog and made the web app to use Web Forms , Web API, MVC together, and also came with some cool Scaffolding features etc.

Starting with Visual Studio 2013,  there is now only one web project type in Visual Studio.

One ASP.NET Project TypeWhen you choose this project type to start with, you will be propmpted with additional configuration options begin working with your project.

One ASP.NET - New Project

If you look closely, you’ll see a new set of check-boxes which will allow you to include the folders and core references for other technologies outside of the major one that you selected.

Choose Reference Items - One ASP.NET


As per your project template and checkbox selection all the necessary configuration and directories will be done for you automatically. Now when you attempt to add a new item to your project, the options lists just about everything you could think of.

One ASP.NET Add New Item

You might be interested in video “Introducing One ASP.NET” by Scott Hunter.


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